What Does A Cape Cod House Look Like Today? Sidewall Flare Pattern (Not Your Traditional Siding!)

Nov 18, 2020 | Elements of Design, Exteriors, Finishes, Uncategorized

Our series concludes with us exploring a way that Cape Codders have enhanced the traditional shingle siding on their homes with the use of sidewall flare patterns.

Cape Cod homes are well known for their cedar shingle siding, but a sidewall flare is a common architectural detail on many period-style homes. Our clients often use shingles on their home remodels, but some homeowners are looking for something a bit different. A sidewall flare consists of a gradual wave-like roll off the sidewall that creates an aesthetically pleasing design element. In addition, this feature can help move water slightly away from the trim located directly below it. Thanks to Fine Homebuilding magazine the image below shows a close up shot of the sidewall flare pattern.

When designing and remodeling this home in Harwich, we added the sidewall flare element under the front window.  The front siding feature gave this traditional Cape Cod house an interesting architectural style.

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