There are many facets of remodeling or building new, from obtaining permits, presentations of schematic plans and designs all the way to the actual construction. Imagine having to deal with each person individually! Encore Construction has a much better process, one that has our clients dealing with just a single point of contact and making sure communication is never dropped.


The Design|Remodel process consolidates design and construction services with a single, unified team. Encore’s certified and award winning design and remodeling professionals work together to offer our clients a seamless solution to creating or transforming your ever after home.
Cost-Effective Designs: When designers and builders work together, the result is creative designs that reflect the reality of construction costs and challenges. You get stunning spaces without a stunning price tag to match.
Streamlined Project Delivery: A unified Design|Remodel team works together seamlessly, eliminating project delays because of scheduling conflicts between different entities.
Single Source Accountability: Scheduling, budgeting and quality control are centralized under one roof, so there is never any confusion over who is responsible for a particular task.
Simplified Communications: A single contact at Encore will orchestrate all aspects of your project, eliminating the need to track down different vendors or communicate the same message to multiple people.
Predictable Process: Our streamlined Design|Remodel process removes unpredictability from home remodeling and construction. You’ll always know exactly where you stand, from initial design through final clean-up.
Maximum Value: Encore’s Design|Remodel services deliver superior results while saving you time, money and aggravation.


Design|Remodel provides great aspects to any process, and one of the largest is savings. We really take the time to get to know our clients’ style, needs and budget and work with our clients very closely to maintain those aspects.


At Encore we understand that life must still go on when a project is underway. We will work with you to make sure our presence is not a nuisance to your everyday schedule.


We have great relationships we have been cultivating over the past 28 years with our vendors and subcontractors. We make sure our ending product is to Encore’s high standards, and with that we have confidence to offer our clients a two year workmanship warranty.


At Encore we pride ourselves on a clean work site. Dust and weather protection will be maintained at all times to avoid debris in other areas of your home. One way this is done is by using Build Clean technologies that significantly reduce (by 90%) the amount of airborne work area dust on our sites.


There is a reason our name is Encore. Each year our returning client and referral rates are well over 80% of current jobs. As we all know perfection is highly unattainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellency. By the end of your project you have not only obtained your dream but also new friends. See what your neighbors are saying.