Understanding what you don’t like about your home and determining how we can help you change that is the basis for a successful project. This requires that we thoroughly understand your needs, goals, expectations and budget so that we can develop a project that provides the optimum balance of these and the highest value to you. We will accomplish this by asking a lot of questions, sharing what possible construction and permitting challenges we see and evaluating how your budget compares to anticipated costs.



The keystone to our solution for you is the Design Agreement. This is the part of the process where your ideas and dreams start becoming real. We will develop floor plans and elevations which can be viewed 3-dimensionally so that you no longer have to imagine how your home might look as it will be there for you to see and experience. We will also start discussing details about the style and feel you want your home to have and what products will accomplish that. Once we agree on the final design, we will develop a Remodeling Agreement for you that will include construction specifications, a construction and product selections schedule and our contract terms. In most cases, we will have our tradespeople visit your home under our supervision to ensure that our pricing is as accurate and competitive as possible.



Our passion for remodeling drives our passion for excellence. From our Pre-construction meeting to start your project to our Project Presentation at the end, everything we do has a process and checklist behind it that was developed to ensure the highest standard of construction quality and to meet our Zero Punchlist Goal. And our web based client schedules and project updates during construction keep you informed along the way.