V-Groove Wall Panels

Oct 27, 2022 | Cape Cod Remodeling, Design, Elements of Design, Finishes

Typically wider than beadboard, V-groove planks have a chamfered edge, that when fit together, via a tongue-and-groove joint, results in a V-shape in-between the boards. 

With its wider planks, V-groove has a more substantial feel, but as a natural, textured material, it still softens a room, making it feel more intimate.  The application can be used in both a historic and modern setting.

V Board in Kitchen

If you take a look at this Harwichport home you will find V-Groove panels throughout the home.  They are using the V-Groove panels in a thoughtful way in a handful of rooms including the kitchen.  

You can see how the corner shelves next to the peninsula in this kitchen draw your eye toward the wall.  The horizontal paneling tricks your eye into making the space appear larger than it actually is.

Hallway with V Groove

V-Groove wall panels are a great way to add depth and dimension to any space in your home, from small hallways to large living spaces.  They give the appearance of making a narrow hallway appear larger and more interesting than it actually is.

V-Groove paneling is essentially tongue and groove panels that give a uniform look and have a shallow line between the boards.  This provides a distinction between boards and an overall point of interest to your guests. This is great for rooms with high ceilings because it provides more visual interest than standard sheetrock. It also makes it easier to create an interesting pattern without having to worry about creating an accent wall with large home décor.

V-Groove wall panels are a great way to give your home a more open and spacious feel. They are often used on the ceiling as well as on walls because they provide an attractive design element that will enhance any room’s decor.  No need to shop for wall decor when you integrate V-Groove wall panels into your design.

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