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Apr 28, 2023 | Additions, Cape Cod Remodeling, Design/Build, Design|Remodel, Renovation

Many homes built in the last 50 years have stafford or colonial trim. That is trim that has a bit of a curve and is about 3.25 inches wide. This is a look that fits many homes nicely. But if you want your home to have an element of interest, you may want to think about another option.

When it comes to interior door trim, flat stock is becoming a popular choice among homeowners and builders. Flat stock is a type of wood molding that is typically made from solid wood, such as poplar or oak. It is versatile material that can be used for a variety of applications, including door trim, baseboards, and window casings.

There are several benefits to using flat stock interior trim in your home. Here are a few reasons why flat stock trim might be a good choice for your next home renovation project.


It can be cut, sanded, and painted to match any décor. Additionally, flat stock is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, making it easy to find the right size for your project. 


Flat stock is made from solid wood, which means it is strong and durable. It can withstand wear and tear over time, and can be refinished or repainted as needed.

Timeless Style

While trends come and go, flat stock trim has a timeless look that can work well with a variety of design styles. It can be painted or finished to match any décor, making it a versatile choice for any home.

We recently used 3.25 inch flat stock trim with a 5.25 inch topper at this home in Harwich and it gives this home a simple, classic and clean look.

If you are looking for a more modern or contemporary look, there are certainly trim options other than stafford or colonial trim, which may be more suitable for your home. Flat stock trim can give a more minimalistic and updated look to any space. Overall, using flat stock for interior door trim is an affordable and attractive option that can add value and style to any home.

Ultimately, the choice of trim will depend on personal preference and the overall style of the home. Homeowners should consider the architectural style of their home, as well as their own design aesthetic, when selecting trim options.

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