Key Elements To A Well Designed Outdoor Space

May 23, 2022 | Cape Cod Remodeling, Elements of Design, Exteriors, Outdoor, Property

One of the things Cape Cod homeowners live for is those backyard barbeques all summer long! Before you invite your neighbors, friends, and family over for some burgers and fun, you will want to take a look at your outdoor space. There are a few key ingredients to a well designed outdoor space. These include: coverage from the sun, comfortable seating, and outdoor lighting to extend that barbeque into the evening.

Outdoor Patio Area Cape Cod

But there are a few other things you should keep in mind as well.  It’s interesting to find that outdoors spaces that account for earth, wind, fire, and water are far superior to those that do not.


Let’s start with the earth.  Is your property flat or do you have a hill?  How can you use your current property in a way that emphasizes its beauty?  Flat spaces are great for patios, in fact, flat ground is kind of a requirement for patios.  Flat spaces are also a key aspect of most backyard games from corn hole to badminton or kanjam.  The flat surface of this Dennisport home is a dream come true for backyard game lovers.

Outdoor Yard Cape Cod

If your elevation changes  and you have a hill there are some things you can do to create a flat space for a patio.  For example, moving some ground to create a steeper hill with a retaining wall will give you the space you need for flat ground to build a patio, even if it’s a smaller one like the patio at this Harwich property just outside of their three seasons room.

Planting some beautiful wildflowers on that hill above a retaining wall is a great way to attract butterflies and nature’s creatures.  Adding some comfortable chairs and a table will make your patio a nice spot to sit for some outdoor dining and good conversation.  You won’t want to forget to include an umbrella or add a sun shade for sun coverage on those “Not a cloud in the sky” kind of days.


Now let’s talk about the wind.  If you live on Cape Cod you are well aware of how windy it can be at the beach.  On those super hot days that wind can be a pleasure, but other times it can be brutal with the sand whipping onto your skin and into your eyes.  This Dennisport home had the right idea installing a screened in front porch with removable glass doors.  

These homeowners can enjoy some coffee and a beautiful sunrise even when the wind is at its peak, and the best part is that there is no sand in their coffee mugs!  If you are looking for a way to protect yourself and your guests on those gusty days while still enjoying your outdoor space, consider a porch like this one.


When you take fire into account when designing your outdoor space, you’re really thinking about year round enjoyment.  The addition of a fire pit can make a cold November night a little warmer.  Who says smores are just for summer time?  Well designed outdoor spaces with fire pits are a call for fun conversation and good memory making.  It can’t hurt to remind you that comfortable seating is an important part of the outdoor experience.  If you are going to include a fire pit, be sure to have some comfortable places to sit and relax nearby.


When designing your outdoor space on Cape Cod, it’s always a good idea to think about cooling down.  If you have the space for a pool or water feature this will certainly bump up the fun factor to your outdoor gatherings.  Access to a pond or beach, yes please!

This West Dennis home really made a splash with their outdoor space.  First they included the key elements of comfortable seating, protection from the sun, and outdoor lighting.  But it is the addition of a swimming pool, hot tub and a fire pit that makes this the place to be in the summertime.

Everyone uses their outdoor space in different ways.  But a well designed outdoor space is more than just a deck with a grill.  A well designed outdoor space takes into account guests coming to visit for a barbeque.  With a well designed outdoor space you are showing your guests you want to do more than just offer them a burger or dog.  It is the key ingredients of comfortable seating, sun coverage, and outdoor lighting mixed with the considerations of earth, wind, fire and water that make any outdoor space go from “just okay” to “out of this world”.  

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