How Details Can Add That Extra Something To Your Space

Aug 3, 2022 | Cape Cod Remodeling, Design, Elements of Design, Finishes

There are certain elements of a home that are non-negotiable, but those fundamental pieces aren’t what most would consider exciting talking points at a dinner party.  It’s those smaller details that have a story that your friends want to hear about. 

For these Harwich homeowners it was the smaller details of the trim and staircases that will have their guests asking questions and discussing in detail.


Cap, cove molding, header board, half round, head casing, bead molding, head jamb, side jamb, side casing, stool, apron… are you confused yet?  The homeowners weren’t using these exact words when they requested a pediment over the door, but as we worked closely with them we managed to design something that they will love now and for many years to come.

However you can add millwork or some form of detail to your spaces is a huge plus for adding a layer of luxury.  

This home in Harwich added this unique pediment over the front door.  It’s easy to imagine mini pumpkins sitting up top for the fall.  We are excited to see how these look once they are painted!

Cape Cod Door Trim

If you are looking for more ways to up the style with trim consider painting the walls and trim the same color.  Then paint the door in a color that pops.  It’s a nontraditional look, but will certainly make a statement if you’re looking for that.


While wrought iron was once considered a traditional material, it has certainly found its way into newer designs.  The staircase at this Harwich home added a particular level of detail with black iron balusters.  It adds a level of architectural style and is aesthetically detailed.

Cape Cod Stair Railing

When designing the staircase of your home you will need to consider coverings.  Carpet is not always our first choice, but it could be considered to help reduce noise between levels in the home.  If you decide to carpet your stairs you will want to look for a carpet with a low pile—¾-inch or less—to be both more stable underfoot and resilient to traffic.

When making design choices for your stairs you will want to think about the view from the lower level as you look up and the upper level as you look down.  This is a transition space and if you can manage to have it coordinate between the two spaces you are onto something special.   

Trim and staircases are just two of the many areas of your home you can add details to.  If there are areas in your home that you feel you want to add detail to, talk with us about all your options.  


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