Many homeowners are requesting custom built-in cabinetry to be installed in their homes.  You might be asking why, especially when modular cabinets are less expensive?

Custom cabinetry allows homeowners to get exactly what they want, like, and need for their lifestyle rather than modular cabinets.  Homeowners know how much they need to store and where they like to store their belongings.  This is exactly why modular cabinets don’t work for everyone.  

With custom built-in cabinetry a homeowner can achieve a coordinated style throughout their home from the kitchen to the bathroom, office, and beyond.  To learn more about coordinating cabinetry click here.  While many homeowners go into a renovation thinking custom cabinetry will be used in their kitchen, they are sometimes surprised to find out that there are many places in a home custom built-in cabinetry can be installed.


Design trends are not a bad thing, especially when it comes to custom built-in cabinetry.  Timeless trends are what you want to be thinking about when you are considering custom built-in cabinetry.  The shaker-style cabinets used in this kitchen are timeless.  

One of the best reasons to install custom built-in cabinets in your home is the option to design them for long-term use.  If you plan on aging in your home you might plan your kitchen design accordingly.  That might mean incorporating a microwave within the lower cabinets, and designing more pull-out drawers rather than doors with shelves you need to reach far into.  Custom built-in cabinets allow you to design your home to your specific needs while keeping it looking timeless and effortless.

Blue kitchen


Take a look at the kitchen above, the custom built-in cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling.  While some might need a step stool to reach that high, it still provides storage for those kitchen tools or specialty items that are only used on occasion, like that deviled egg plate that only comes out for Easter.

When custom built-in cabinetry is used in a living room like it is in this home below, you have the option to achieve a highly styled look and be able to store items out of sight as well.  With the open shelving above this family room looks like it was thoughtfully designed, yet there is the ability to store less beautiful items as well.

Built in cabinets and fireplace

Coordinated Style

It was Aristotle who said “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” and he probably wasn’t speaking about home design and custom built-in cabinetry when he said those words.  But if you think about the parts being each room in the house and the whole being the home where so many amazing things happen in a family’s life, it makes a lot of sense.  

So if we think about those words from a design perspective with the parts being the rooms within the home, it is nice for those parts to mesh with each other.  You can coordinate your custom built-in cabinetry while giving each room its own aesthetic by using the same door and drawer fronts throughout your design.  It’s amazing how the continuity of the custom built-in cabinetry style with a change in color and finishes can give each room a completely different feel.

Where to Use Custom Cabinetry


There are the obvious rooms in the house where custom built-in cabinetry can make a big impact, but there are also places you might not think.  Consider your lifestyle, where you spend your time, what pleases your visual senses and how your guests might use the spaces in your home. 

The kitchen is the heart of a home, that’s why when designing a home there is so much thought that goes into the kitchen.  Custom built-in cabinetry in a kitchen is always a good idea.  Now let’s consider other locations including bathrooms, offices, family rooms, bonus rooms, master bedrooms, coffee bars, wet bars, garages and more.  

Below is a bonus room above a garage.  This room could be used as a hang-out area, guest space, or game room, however, it is a good distance from the kitchen.  These homeowners had their guests in mind when designing this space. If someone is looking for a quick cup of coffee or a glass of water, this is the perfect place for just that.  The built-in cabinetry here works nicely with the arc of the ceiling making it both functional and beautiful.


Another aspect of design you will want to keep in mind when considering custom built-in cabinetry is how the design plays with the location of your home. Such as a coastal design in a bathroom in a home located just a few miles from the ocean on Cape Cod.

You may think that wood stained cabinetry is a thing of the past, but there are certainly design moments in a home where it still works and adds an interesting and cozy feel.  You can coordinate your cabinetry choices while giving each room it’s own aesthetic by using the same door and drawer fronts throughout your design.  It’s amazing how the continuity of the cabinetry style with a change in color and finishes can give each room a completely different feel.

The bathroom in this home used classic white custom built-in cabinetry and blue mosaic tiles on the floor and backsplash to achieve an elegant coastal feel.  The cabinetry offers open storage below for linens, baskets, and other design materials.  It is a look that works perfectly for Cape Cod and it has the storage the homeowners want and need.

Custom built-in cabinetry can level up any living space, making it not only beautiful, but also functional for homeowners and their guests.  Many  homeowners are thinking beyond just the kitchen and are coordinating their homes with custom built-in cabinetry and it is making a big impression as the design of the home achieves a flow from room to room.

Where do you want to add custom cabinetry?  Call our Encore design team today to get started.

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