Creating More Space without Building Bigger

Jun 21, 2021 | Bathrooms, Cape Cod Remodeling, Design, Design|Remodel, Elements of Design, Remodeling photos

Bathrooms are areas of our homes that need to be functional, yet sometimes it seems there is not enough space for them to be beautiful too.  


When adding onto your home isn’t an option, reconfiguring the bathroom to make the space more efficient is the next best thing.  We recently renovated a bathroom for a Harwich resident.  We turned this old dark bathroom into something delightfully upscale, using the same space.  Here are a few tips to create more space in your bathroom without adding square footage.

Before Bathroom Remodel

Before Bathroom Remodel


Natural Light

While you might want to save every inch of wall for shelving and other storage solutions, be sure to make room for at least one window.  Allowing natural light to enter the bathroom will give a small cramped space a boost of freshness which will delight your eyes and make your space feel brighter.

Glass Shower Doors

Not only do glass shower walls give your bathroom a luxurious look and feel, but they also allow that natural light to shine through making your bathroom feel larger, airier, and lavish.  If you have someone applying makeup in this compact bathroom the glass shower walls can allow the natural light to shine toward the mirror making makeup application a breeze.

Simple Straight Line Design

When selecting tiles, think clean lines.  Geometric shapes such as rectangles and hexagons can make a small space feel less cluttered than a more intricately designed tile.  The same applies to the use of wallpaper or stencils.  This type of design may seem modern and upscale, but there are certainly ways to add charm, especially when it comes to finding places for towels, storage baskets, plants and other decorative items.

Creative Bathroom Design

Compact bathrooms require beautiful and practical storage solutions.  First, make use of any closet you may or may not have available to you.  Next, take a peak at your vanity.  If there is storage under the sinks, this would be a great place to store your essentials.  If these spaces are full or if they are not an option, take an inventory of your wall space.  Is there room for floating shelves, or maybe a ladder shelf over the toilet?  When using this space as storage you may need to find decorative yet functional baskets to hold your cosmetics and other toiletries, or you may want to take a brief tutorial on how to roll up your towels to store and display them.  Lastly, you will want to look at the back of the door or the back of the closet door.  These are other great places to add a few towel rods, hooks, or storage racks.

With limited space, you must get creative.  Ensuring your space has a combination of natural light, glass shower walls, simple straight line designs and innovative storage solutions you will transform a small crowded bathroom into a luxurious space without adding square footage.  If you want to talk about ways to make your space more efficient, we would love to find a solution that works best for you and your home.

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