How To Design Your Home With The Black Window Trend

Apr 13, 2022 | Cape Cod Remodeling, Design, Design|Remodel, Elements of Design, Finishes

If you’ve seen anything on HGTV or if you follow interior designers on Instagram then you’ve probably seen the black window trend.  There is something beautiful, modern, and contemporary about black windows. 

The contrast between the clean and clear glass, white walls, and black windows is appealing to the eye and adds a beautiful focal point to the design of a home. It is a trend that we are seeing more of, and if you love it, you are not alone!

Why should we use tempered windows in our homes?

The black window trend brings style to both the inside, and the outside of your home.  When you are outside it certainly makes an impact on the curb appeal of the home.  The addition of window boxes is one way many homeowners with black windows are dressing up their outdoor design.  When you are indoors black windows draw your eyes to the windows, and therefore to the outdoors. 

Black Window Trim

While we love black windows, there are a few things to consider if you find that this trend is for your home.  The first is that black windows are traditionally styled with white walls.  The second is that there is no need for window treatments.  The black windows in themselves have a lot of character that shouldn’t be covered up. In fact, covering them up often makes the room look too busy.  The dramatic contrast between the window and the white walls has a modern, clean and trendy look many people love.

If you are thinking about black windows, but aren’t ready to make the commitment there is a hack you can try out temporarily.  Think of it like the paint sample you get before you paint the whole room.  Adding black electrical tape to your existing white windows will give you an idea of what black windows will look like in your home during all times of the day and night.  Because what you like during the sunlight hours might be a very different look and feel in the evening time.

If you are ready to install black windows in your next home renovation, we are here to help you navigate your way through the selection and design process.

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