Benefits Of The Design-Build Process

Jan 25, 2023 | Cape Cod Remodeling, Design, Elements of Design, Finishes

Homeowners typically come to us with a problem.  Their current home is not working for them.  They usually love their location and don’t see moving to a different home in their future.  That’s when we begin the Design-Build process.

For some beginning a home remodel can be a painful experience, but with the Design-Build process, we feel that it takes away most of the home remodel stress and uncertainty.  It is a multi-phase approach and it includes imagining a solution for problems, presenting a solution, and then executing the plan: building it and adding flair and personality, as needed.

There are many benefits to this Design-Build approach.  It starts with really listening.  Homeowners have been living with their problematic homes for months, years, or decades.  They may have a lot they want to change, or it may be just minor changes, either way, they will get our full attention as they present to us what it is about their current home that does not work for them, what their goals are, and what their budget is.

If someone is going to make changes to your home, they need to understand the full extent of what works and what does not work.  That’s why we, at Encore Construction, ask so many questions in this first phase.  As professionals, we have years of experience in design and construction, so we know the challenges that can be associated with building, permits, and anticipated costs.  We share all of this information with our homeowners upfront.

The second phase of presenting solutions is where homeowners get to see mockups of what their new home will look like. It is up to us, at Encore Construction, to hear the homeowner’s problems and present solutions that fit within their budget. This is the time when homeowners get to view floor plans, determine the style and feel the home will have, and begin exploring products that will achieve their goals.

When a Remodel Agreement has been reached the next phase is the building process. This is when things get real inside the home. We supervise all of our own team and our subcontractors that come for pre-construction meetings. Many subcontractors need to take measurements and we are there for it all. We bring our checklists to ensure all standards are met at the highest level.

The homeowners we work with are often thrilled by our web-based client schedules.  This is where we have a place to keep the homeowner updated every step of the way and show them exactly when selections must be made by in order to stay within our construction timeline.  In the end, there will be a project presentation and the project is not done until zero items are left on the punch list.

Homeowners could go to the other guys and they might be able to help with one of these phases, but at Encore Construction you get it all under one roof.  The Design-Build approach streamlines home remodel projects, taking away a lot of the stress and uncertainty of a construction project, solving problems, and leaving homeowners feeling as though they are living in their dream home.  Are you ready to get started on your Design-Build project?  Give us a call to set up a consultation with one of our team members.

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