Project Manager for Hire in Dennisport, Massachusetts

Jan 14, 2022 | careers

The Project Manager is responsible for the on-site management of multiple projects including scheduling employees, subcontractors and suppliers; arranging for inspections; ordering materials, supervising work, completing required paperwork, monitoring the budget and schedule, processing change orders and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  1. Oversee Project ensuring that work is done according to contract specifications
  2. Ensure a safe worksite including compliance with the Company Safety Policy
    1. The Project Manager should obtain Construction Supervisors License, OSHA and EPA RRP Certification
  3. Project budget:
    1. a) Keep Projects on budget
    2. b) Notify the Estimator immediately of circumstances that may result in a budget variance.
  4. Project Schedule:
    1. a) Keep Projects on schedule
    2. b) Update BuilderTrend schedules weekly with General Manager.
    3. c) Notify the Salesperson and Estimator immediately of significant delays or conditions that will affect the schedule
  5. Supervision of employees
    1. a) Forecast manpower needs and submit requests to the Operations Manager
    2. b) Supervise Carpenters, Laborers, Runners and any other employees assigned to Project
    3. c) Timesheet approval for work performed on Project
  6. Supervision of subcontractors
    1. a) Schedule and coordinate subcontractors
    2. b) Oversee compliance with Company Subcontractor Policy
    3. c) Use only authorized subcontractors (those subcontractors who have met Encore qualifications)
  7. Work with Encore Designer to ensure that client selections are made in a timely manner
  8. Provide weekly job site photos for Client Project Updates
  9. Keep the jobsite clean
  10. Lock and secure the job every night making sure that all materials and equipment are stored in a safe place.
  11. Make certain Encore job sign is visible and in good condition

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