Our 10 Favorite Bathroom Trends in 2020

Mar 7, 2020 | Bathrooms

At Encore Construction we do a lot of bathroom remodels and each of our clients ask us what trends we see coming up for this year.  Below are some of our favorite trend, whether you have a large or small bathroom.

1. Freestanding Bathtubs and Sinks

A classic bathroom look that does not go out of style, whether you are looking for a model or classic look is the use of a freestanding bathtub, such as a clawfoot tub.  Though they may appear pricey, both freestanding bathtubs and sinks will increase the value of your home as well as retain their value through the test of time.

2. Two Sinks are Better Than One

A practical and very popular decor choice in many bathrooms is two sinks are better than one. With a double vanity set up, two people can easily prep and use the same bathroom without any fuss, as there is ample space for both them and their items.

Double Vanity

3. Bold Colors

Adding vibrancy or a striking look doesn’t necessarily require adding a new sink or cabinets, sometimes it is as simple as just repainting your existing bathroom. Another popular trend is replacing your old drab colors for something more striking and noticeable.

Torquiose Bathroom and Sink

4. Heated Bathroom Floors

A very common problem with going to the bathroom at night is stepping on frigid cold floors, and though heated floor technology has been around since the beginning of Rome, this trend is now becoming increasingly popular due to advances in electrical heating technology. Heated floors come in two variants, hydronic-a more updated version of roman technology which requires installing the entire house with the floor heating system which is comprised of rubber tubes that circulate the heat from your water heater and electric-a thin panel the size of an electric blanket is installed under the floor and is controlled by your thermostat and timer and should only cost around 600-700 dollars.

5. Modern Light Fixtures

Not often considered, but an easy and cheap way to upgrade your bathroom or any space is the inclusion of light fixtures. Even installing a small sconce near your mirror can greatly change the mood and lighting in your space. More popular though are small chandeliers or hanging bulbs which can greatly amp up the mood if desired.

6. Enclosed or Hidden Toilets

For those who value a bit more privacy, hidden or enclosed toilets are toilets separated by either a small wall or a sliding door. Although usually spartan or barren in design, (these enclosures typically just have the wallpaper or tiling of your bathroom) you can get creative by making this small enclosure it’s own room by changing the wallpaper and adding more accents like light fixtures, creating a more personalized sanctuary for you or your guest.

Hidden Toilet in Bathroom

7. Sound System in the Bathroom

Music is always a welcome addition, but for some of us it is often a necessity for relaxation and de-stress. Adding just a few small speakers in localized areas around your bathroom can create a calming and relaxing environment for a long, relaxing bath or even make your showers more invigorating. There are quite a number of waterproof speakers on the market for very affordable prices, so if you feel your showers are missing something, perhaps try adding some music into the mix.

8. Diverse Tile Textures

A subtle yet quite common trend is diversifying your tile textures. You can also change the tiles in your shower or bath, giving your space a much more rustic feel depending on the colors you wish to incorporate.

Diverse Tile Textrures in Bathroom

9. Hidden Storage

A very popular trend with very practical applications as space and storage is always a premium in any bathroom. The concept is taking an existing item in your bathroom, ie, your cabinets, vanities, shelves and applying another storage area within it. Your vanity for instance, you can add small specialized compartments to the existing drawers inside for more personal items that won’t mix with your other bathroom items.

10. Open Concept

An ever popular trend is the open concept, providing both privacy and a wide open space whatever your preference. Doing away with restrictive barriers and walls and having just your bathroom exist as a large open area for your own needs provides a liberating feeling that will continue as a popular trend throughout 2020. Although it should be noted that while a shower-bath combo is a great idea, with this look, it might not be as practical so an open shower with a separate bathtub are recommended. Bottom of Form

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