Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Have you ever cooked in a kitchen with someone else and find yourself constantly bumping into one another? Not having enough landing space for prepping food or plating food can be quite frustrating. You need more space! But what kind of space?

It’s All About the Angles

It is not often you see a kitchen that has appliances at an angle. But our designer brought an out of the box solution to an ordinary kitchen layout. Having the main appliances at different angles and a rectangular shaped large kitchen island / cook top gave each cook in this kitchen their own space need for prepping and cooking, at the same time.

Blending His and Hers

Just like most couples, they had differing styles they wanted in one space. It was up to our designer to come up with a happy medium. The style and color of the kitchen was very much Cape Cod cottage, while the finishes and accessories was contemporary which is very prominent in England, their main home location.