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Thanks so much to KAM Appliances for featuring us as a Partner Spotlight this month.  For the full video, click here.  In the video you will find us discussing the many perks to the personalized touch of our design process as it relates to kitchen layout and design.

Many of our clients have large high end homes and the projects usually involve a kitchen redesign.  We work with clients to make designing their kitchen an individualized experience.  This includes: the layout of the space, selecting appliances, fixtures, materials and finishes.  Everything we do is personalized to meet the needs of our client.  We discuss with the homeowner how they intend to use their kitchen and plan the layout and design to work for their family for years to come.

Kitchen Layouts

As clients begin to think about the layouts of their kitchen, we encourage them to think outside the box.  What works for one family does not necessarily work for another.  If you have multiple cooks or someone in your home with a severe food allergy, you might need multiple prep spaces, multiple ovens, or multiple sinks; every family is different and your kitchen layout should reflect the way you intend to use the space.

Essential Elements

When thinking of the layout of a kitchen we encourage clients to take the time to go through the process and make sure the design is exactly how they envision it to be.  All kitchens have a few essential elements, but the quantity of appliances, where they are placed, where the seating is placed, and how you get into, around and out of the kitchen can all be thoughtfully considered during the design phase.

Age in Place

Recently we’ve worked with clients that are planning to age in place.  When they are making their selections for appliances, they are considering how they will use the appliances now and how they will use them in the future.  Microwave drawers have become popular as it is safer to pull something heavier and hot up to the counter rather than bringing it down toward you.   Double ovens have become a popular appliance selection as well for those considering aging in place.

Designing a Space

If you have a large family, you might want to consider designing the space so countertop stools are away from the prep and cooking area.  This layout strategy helps keep people out of your workspace, a benefit the cooks in your family will appreciate!  Adding a beverage refrigerator and a back up pantry that is separate from the prep space is advantageous, as well.  This helps those that want to snack while engaging with the cooks stay a safe distance from the action.

When it comes to designing a kitchen, it cannot be said enough, you need to be thoughtful and clever about the way you plan to use your kitchen.  How will you use your kitchen is key, not how someone else uses theirs.  When you begin to consider a kitchen redesign and are looking for a partner to help with the personalized design and construction, let’s start that conversation. Thanks again to KAM Appliances for featuring Encore in their Partner Spotlight and for providing quality efficient appliances to our clients.  If you missed the video you can check it out here.

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