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Many communities are developed by a few builders, resulting in each home closely resembling one another.

One way you can easily add your own personal touch to the exterior of your home is to replace your entry door with one that is more unique. Today there are many more styles of front entry doors that you can choose from, so you are sure to find one that matches the architectural and aesthetic style of your home.

Stained Glass Door 

Unique doors cape cod construction mass

This door was custom made for a home in Hyannis Port. The clients have traveled all over the country, and had purchased this stained glass in their travels.  Somehow, they wanted to incorporate this unique stained glass in their newly remodeled home.  Their front door was the perfect place to display the glass.  The door is a custom made Simpson wood door with a 19 1/2″ round stained glass opening.

Craftsman Style Door 

unique door cape cod

This next door is a Craftsman style door, with the sidelights on the right and left.  It offers a traditional look while increasing the amount of light coming into the entry area.

Turquoise Door 

Lastly, a blast of color is always a nice way to customize your front entry.  Below, one of our clients used a bright red and another one used a turquoise blue.  What color would you paint your door?

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