Aug 25, 2018 | home two

New Space

The master bathroom in this new Design/Remodel home needed to accomplish many things for our clients. Not only as a typical bathroom, but also a space to get ready for your day, apply a new face to greet the day with, but also a place where they could go at the end of the day to reflect and mellow out.

His and Her Ideas

Dueling vanities was the idea. Let’s split this bathroom up and tailor each space to compliment the client’s. His and Her spaces were designed and constructed for them. Matching vanities and mirrors gave the room a symmetric feel, but on her side we designed a makeup area and table for her to get ready to start her day.

Classy and Chic

The theme of the client’s master bathroom mimicked the theme of the rest of the house, neutral colors with classy and chic accessories to make it sparkle! Everything from the rain head in the zero threshold shower, to the crystal knobs on the vanities was meticulously thought out. The end result is a perfect master bathroom for both him and her!

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