Why You Need To Plan Your Fall and Winter Home Renovation Projects In The Summer Months

Jun 22, 2023 | Awards, Basement Remodel, Cape Cod Remodeling, Design|Remodel

Summer time on Cape Cod is usually the deadline season for home renovation projects.  Everyone wants their space completed to enjoy this peak season.  With that in mind it is always a good idea to work backwards on your timeline to determine when you need to begin planning your next project. 


If you are like many homeowners that begin to entertain over the summer and start to have visions of how you can make your space work better, not just for your family, but for your guests, then you are experiencing the nudge you need to get started on that next project.  Below are 3 reasons why you should not wait until the fall and winter to begin planning your next project.

Budgeting & Financing

Everyone expects home renovation projects to break the bank, but that’s not always the case, especially for those homeowners that are clear on their budget.  An important piece of beginning a home renovation project is setting a budget and identifying and securing financing for your project.  This very important first step is not glamorous, but it is necessary and can be time consuming.  So while you may want to jump right into the demo phase this fall, it will be well worth your time to take a few weeks this summer to solidify the budget on your project and how you plan on financing the completed project.  If you take the time during the summer to detail out this necessary step, you will be thanking yourself come winter time.

Essential Materials

While some materials are readily available others need to be ordered well in advance.  When you embark upon a home renovation project the last thing you want to do is find that the materials you need to complete your project are delayed weeks or months.  The earlier you make decisions on your materials the less you need to worry about the materials being available when the construction begins.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are popular fall and winter home renovation projects that typically require custom cabinetry.  And while the inventory and back ordering of materials vary, you can expect it will take about 10-15 weeks for custom cabinetry to be available. 

Scheduling and Timeline Considerations

There is a big rush of homeowners looking to begin their home renovation projects after the start of the year.  Many have taken a look at their end of year finances and set goals both financially and personally that include making changes to their home.  But you don’t need the calendar to flip from one year to the next to know that you are ready for a home renovation project.  

If you’re beginning to have visions of your next project, don’t wait for the fall and winter to begin because, schedules fill up quickly and you will most likely want your project to begin on your timeline and be completed by your deadline.  If you want to have your project on our construction calendar for the fall or winter, you really don’t want to delay getting things started. 

If you are feeling less than satisfied with the state of your home, and you are starting to envision how your home could work for your family better, then now is the time to begin the home renovation process.  Even though construction will not begin until the fall or winter, now is the time to get your ducks in a row. When all your financing is secure, your budget is complete, the materials have been received and the schedules have been arranged, construction can begin seamlessly.  Don’t put off scheduling your home renovation projects until the fall and winter.  Starting now will only be more beneficial to you in the long run.  So, while summertime is the peak season for home renovation projects on Cape Cod to be completed by, it is also a great time to begin thinking of your fall and winter projects.  


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