We Need More Space!

What happens when you love your home and the location, but you’re outgrowing your home? Add more space! Our architect and designers put their heads together to come up with the most cost efficient way of adding more space, taking it from somewhere else!

Borrowing What Is Already There

The existing home had three small dog house dormers to add natural light and depth to the home, but they weren’t quite functioning in allowing the clients more room in the upstairs bedrooms. By removing the three small dormers and replacing them with two larger dormers this gave the rooms upstairs plenty of natural light but also much more space. As for the downstairs we took away the space used as a mudroom and converted it into a smaller mudroom so the kitchen could be larger which opened into the sitting room.

Everyone Got What They Wanted

By adding more space to the upstairs and converting space from the downstairs, we ended up with two extremely satisfied clients. She is able to have her own work space upstairs with a view of the ocean (in the fall and winter) and he is able to have a larger open kitchen and sitting area for entertaining.