Void of Light

One of the main reasons our clients wanted to remodel their kitchen was due to it being dark and dreary. The lack of windows for natural light, outdated white cabinets and dark countertops and flooring were the main culprits. As most people dream, these clients wanted a kitchen they could love, a bright cheerful gathering place for family and friends.

Let There Be Light!

Our plan was adding windows, but doing so took away storage from that wall. So we came up with another solution of adding built-ins for storage! Now that there was plenty of natural light our next goal to obtain for our clients was creating a gathering place within the kitchen. Our Sudbury designer came up with the perfect solution, a kitchen island with an attached table, perfect for eating, chatting or playing some family games!

Main Road of the House

The kitchen serves as a runway for this home, connecting living and dining rooms. By adding more windows, storage and color we were able to create a space in which the whole family could enjoy! “Excellent craftsmanship with professionals who understood our vision and helped us achieve our desired home improvements.”