Construction Estimator for Hire in Dennisport, Massachusetts

Jan 14, 2022 | careers

The estimator is responsible for preparing estimates for plans and specifications submitted by the sales department.

  1. Maintenance of company estimating software, databases and manuals
  2. Provide the sales department with a scheduled date of completion for the Proposal upon receipt of the plans and specs. This should be kept to a maximum of two weeks.
  3. Preparation of the estimate

         ~ Review the Request for Estimate, plans, specifications, structural drawings, etc.              

         ~ Visit the job site when possible

         ~ Obtain Subcontractor Quotes for firm estimates

         ~ Conduct materials take-offs and obtain materials quotes

         ~ Contact the salesperson and/or architect/designer to answer questions as needed

         ~ Assemble the Budget

         ~ Assemble the Proposal

         ~ Complete the Job Complexity Form

         ~ Assemble Project Schedule        

  1. Provide Proposal, Schedule and Budget to President for review
  2. Provide Proposal and Schedule to Sales Person for review
  3. Cost code and approve invoices
  4. Execute subcontracts, entering into MasterBuilder, verifying insurance and adding subcontractor to BuilderTrend schedule
  5. Prepare Job Debrief review for profits, problems and other issues on larger projects
  6. Assist in maintaining and updating the Carpentry Standards Manual
  7. Be available to answer Project Manager and Production Manager questions
  8. Periodically visit current jobs to assess work quality, adherence to specifications and schedules


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