Closed Off

The kitchen before was very closed off, not just by a wall but the kitchen island itself was a big bulky L shaped island that prevented a straight walking path through the kitchen to the outside three season room and living room. Our client’s wanted a kitchen that was open and allowed a more passable walk way to the other rooms while achieving the look of what they loved the most, the ocean.

Open and Airy

We needed to create an open feel to the kitchen, in order to do this we stuck to the original footprint of the kitchen but created more flow from one room to another, the kitchen being the center piece. Texture and color was strategically use to pull the clients (and visitors!) through the kitchen with a feeling of serenity with a long rectangular island to accentuate the flow. Our designer add small touches of the ocean theme, with lighting, tile and hardware choices.

A Place to Entertain

The kitchen is now a great place for everyone to gather and now allows proper navigation from one room to the next. Connecting to a beautiful three season room, the kitchen now has an open and peaceful feel, like the one our clients get when they are walking on the sand. “I think Encore Construction was easy to work with, excellent, and followed through. The design is gorgeous.”