Too Ordinary

The existing bathroom was an ordinary bathroom, with stock cabinetry and lack of space. Our clients wanted to have a bathroom that felt spacious and serene, rather than their existing cramped and dark bathroom. They had some unused attic space in the rear and that is when the idea of using existing and creating new came to mind!

Opening it Up

How to create a space that feels like an oasis, a retreat from the busyness of the outside world, that was our goal for our client. Selecting finishes and colors that were calm and serene, using glass and marble as materials was a solution. Adding onto the existing space to create a master walk in closet was a plus!

Everlasting Relationship

A beautiful new space, beyond ecstatic clients and a new friendship was created from this project. “Excellent craftsmanship, a true desire on Encore’s part for us to love the work that they were doing, the flexibility to make any necessary changes and I appreciated how caring they were to my family and our home.”