We Are Running Out of Room!

As our client’s family was growing they started realizing what was once enough space was now becoming a lack of space. Three teenager children, two of which were sharing a room, started becoming a challenge for this family. They didn’t want to move to have more space as they loved their home, neighborhood and school system. So what was the best option?

Taking Old Space and Making It New

Our architect and designer came up with a perfect plan, let’s take existing space and renovate it to fit our client’s needs! The existing master bedroom was converted to one of the children’s bedrooms, one of the existing bathrooms layout was remodeled to better accommodate the needs of our clients and a new luxurious master suite with walk-in closet and bathroom was created by expanding into the sloping attic space and taking the cathedral ceiling away from the lower level family room.

Now We Never Have to Leave

By taking space that was existing gave our clients exactly what they needed without having to leave the home the love. A space for each family member to call their own was the end goal, and Encore was able to achieve that seamlessly.