Perfect location not so perfect house…

From generation to generation this house passed until it became rundown and falling apart at the seams. The clients saw this house and knew they had found their new home. The peaceful surroundings and rushing river spoke to the boaters within. Working with Northside Design Associates it was our goal to create the perfect home on this perfect lot.

Jazzing it Up!

Each selection made to outfit this kitchen was very carefully thought through. When using a lot of white in a kitchen creative designing and unique accessories are key to avoid your typical simple white kitchen. From the oval chrome hardware, and the distressed cherry kitchen island countertop, there is nothing less of spectacular in this kitchen!

A Place for Memories

As a mother of two growing boys, our client knew she wanted a home she and her husband could once retire to, but in the meantime she really wanted a home she could create everlasting memories in. This kitchen is a perfect example of having her dreams come true. The open feel, the calming color choices and the view of the river gives this kitchen exactly what it needed to be a memory maker for these clients.